Wedding - Unity Tree Planting

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When doing wedding consultations with my couples, one of the questions that is posed is, "What would you like to do for the 'Unity' portion of your ceremony?"

There are so many wonderful options today as there was many years ago. Many remember lighting a Unity Candle. This is a wonderful gesture to represent your union.

Today, another option that is chosen is the Unity Tree. This idea is actually is an ancient concept much like those who do "Jumping The Broom."

The couple choose the type of tree they like that may represent something important to them, like a tree that is native to their home state. In Indiana that could be a Tulip Tree, for example. Once their tree is selected, if the couple choose to bring the dirt or soil from each of their childhood homes, they would pour that around the tree during the Unity portion of the ceremony. They could have their parents pour the soil. Some have each of their Mothers pour the dirt or soil onto the tree. There is no wrong way to do this. It is up to the couple how they want this to be done.

I have a wedding in September of 2024 where the couple will pour the soil and their mothers are watering the tree together. They recognize this Unity Tree for them also indicates the blending of both families.

Within the ceremony, I would share the meaning of the tree and the symbolism of what the tree represents in a marriage. It offers a beautiful foundation for the journey of the newly married couple.