Undoing the Knots

Undoing The Knots: Reclaiming Our Good

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"There is no limit to the good we can experience!"

This is the catchphrase I live by, and it is truly the foundation of my ministry. Whether you agree that an easy life of unlimited good is available to you, or you are not quite there yet in your belief, my book, Undoing the Knots: Reclaiming Our Good was written for YOU! It is all about spiritual principles that we can apply to our lives in order to clear our blocks, live in alignment with Source, and enjoy the good that is available to us.

I was once a divorced single mother, struggling to make ends meet and find my creative purpose. I dealt with poor health, financial lack, difficult relationships, and a ridiculous amount of problems. I thought, "There has to more to life than this!" I longed for guidance, direction, and hope. When I discovered the empowering truth that the Infinite Intelligence of God is everywhere - including within me, everything changed. I learned how to apply spiritual law to realize my highest good. It is my life's passion and divine purpose to share these ideas with the world and help others do the same. The short essays and down to earth stories in Undoing the Knots are filled with New Thought principles, Interfaith perspectives, biblical scripture, and universal spiritual practices. It has something for everyone!

If you are ready to consider all the good that is possible for your life, I would love for you to check out Undoing the Knots: Reclaiming Our Good, available in paperback and digital format where books are sold."

Rev. Cynthia Paulsen