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Welcome from Reverend Rhonda Schienle

I am an ordained Interfaith Minister utilizing a holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual care. In my diverse community I offer spiritual life coaching, education and support, which offers inspiration and self-empowerment for those who wish to live with wholeness, faith, passion and purpose.

I host a monthly study and support group on spiritual laws, theories and practices for those who are facing life's challenges, obstacles or health issues such as cancer. Participants in these groups learn about spiritual laws, their effects, purpose and how to apply them in daily life.

In addition, I present and host workshops, keynote speaking and collaborate in other spiritual events locally and in surrounding communities.

My other passions are customizing ceremonies for weddings, celebrations of life, dedications and baptisms.

I am based out of Northwest, Indiana and enjoy my continuing education in ministries and spiritual practices.

In Grace and Gratitude,

Rev. Rhonda Schienle

Mission Statement
To serve the greater good of my interfaith ministerial duties while honoring each individual's chosen spiritual path as I do my own.
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