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Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples. Happy New Year 2018


Our dear friend and Author of “Twenty-Seconds: A True Account of Survival and Hope” Robert Tremblay, visited our lovely town of Valparaiso here in Indiana. 

He shared his amazing journey through two terminal diagnosis, hospice and a near-death experience.

There is an expression that “there are no words to describe” a moment, an event or one sharing their personal journey that leaves you with an impression that it can only be felt by the heart and an imprint left on your Soul.

On June 27th, 2017 that is about the best way to describe Robert’s visit with us. 

This amazing man traveling in his car, with his books, a tent and a journey to tell, came all the way from Arizona for his “Talk In The Park Series”. 

Some of our friends traveled over an hour to hear Robert. As I shared on this evening, this will be one night you will never be able to recapture or experience again. The moment was now and be present to it. 

There was something I personally took away (of many things) from the two days Robert stayed with us on this amazing journey. One big gigantic word “Connection”. People who stayed that evening and joined us around the campfire and opened their hearts to what is happening in their lives, was enligthening. I was and am deeply touched by this. Thank you Robert.

It has inspired me to have more campfires (Fire-pit), connections and allowing each of us to write those things which no longer serve us from our callings or passions and allow it to be placed in the fire-pit.

Stay tuned for our first fire-pit releasing gathering to claim our passions with purpose. 

Love, Light and Happy Healthy Travels Robert Tremblay.

My New Book!!!

Sister Sage’s Astrological Journeys is now available on Amazon, Kindle, Create Space and  Signed copies from me if you so choose.

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I am so grateful and delighted for your support, encouragement and excitement for this book. 

Enjoy every minute and moment.

Abundant Spring Blessings

Happy New You!!

by Rev. Rhonda Schienle, Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Facilitator, Wedding Officiant and Founder of Interfaith Ministry Services, LLC


“Fabulously YOU in 2017”

On New Year’s Eve, as so many do, folks begin to write out all their resolutions for the following year. Many people write out so many, they almost lose count and what the focus was. It maybe weight loss, stop smoking or save money and about 50 other items on that list.

Are there other fun, inspiring and energizing ways we can attain our wishes, goals and outcomes? Did you notice the word “resolution” is not mentioned in the previous sentence? This word “resolution” has a connotation for many of us meaning hard work and labor intensive.

There is nothing wrong with a little elbow grease or hard work; but how about a different approach? By the way, it does not have to be this or that; it can be this and that if you so choose.

I am now handing you a “Fabulously You Certificate of Achievement” for 2017.

What is a “Fabulously You Certificate of Achievement”?

This certificate is already rewarding you for your achievements and accomplishments you have made thus far.

Many of us forget about how wonderful we are and the various achievements we attained even through challenges and obstacles.

This certificate also invites you to write up your favorite wish lists. Some refer to these as a bucket list.

Steps to utilizing your Certificate of Achievement

·      Get a new journal specifically for 2017

·      Write out all your wishes (this is always good to have for your check off list in the future)

·      Focus on 1 or 2 of these wishes you really want for 2017

·      Notate how much this wish or goal excites and energizes you and what it will feel like having or attaining it

·      Do three things each day toward your wish(s)

·      Have a friend to support you in this endeavor and cheer you on

·      Use affirmations and visualizations to energize your wishes

·      Give yourself permission to have it with gratitude

A suggested affirmation to use daily toward wish list

I am grateful for what I have received, am receiving and continue to receive. I experience pure enjoyment and excitement for achieving and attaining my  (write your wish) and know it is working to the greater good of all and so it is.

Happy New You!!!!

Rev. Rhonda Schienle

Click on the link below to create your Certificate of Achievement.


Happy New Year and Happy New You! 

I loved the title of my Blog. There are so many reasons why I am using all of these words today.

I am inspired to do so.

Just prior to the holiday season, I was going through Facebook and noticed someone had tagged me in one of the most loving posts I have seen in a long time. I had no idea this person felt the way they did, until they posted it. 

They said I did a talk a while back at a church service, at least over a year ago and shared that I inspired them. I did a talk on “Living With No Regrets” and writing out your all of your hearts desires or bucket list items was important to do. It does not mean you had to accomplish them all in the new coming year, but to have others inspire you along your journey was one of the many reasons I shared that in the service.

To have someone inform you that you are inspired is what I am really aiming for here in this Blog. If this beautiful lady never told me that I inspired her or was an inspiration in my talk, how would I know? 

As many know, my heartfelt mantra is “Healing The Spirit and Empowering The Soul.” I feel when I inspire someone and they let me know I have, I am fulfilling my spiritual purpose and work here. To empower another Soul is healing for me. This means all parties involved are on the receiving end of something so amazing and good. 

This morning, I simply posted a quote on my Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Facebook and it was the very thing someone was looking for. They wrote me privately in such excitement that it is a big missing part to what they needed - inspiring message. Ahhh.

My adorable husband inspires me to be the best I can be in all I do. His wisdom and knowledge in his software engineering field/technical inspire so many; especially when he does training. He is a great inspirational teacher. We need more of that in my opinion. I am inspired by his dedication and wanting to share his knowledge.

My friend Ron Papke, has so inspired me this year to write my book. If I had not told him this, how would he know? Furthermore, it is what he says he wants to do in this world. He wants your personal lives better than what they currently are. He says “always leave with making it better than how you found it.” Now that is inspiring. Ron, will share something he wants to work toward; and he does achieve it. He does not allow the diversions and distractions to get in his way. Now I am inspired big time by that.

My true hope here is that you share with those who inspire you and why. It is a wonderful feeling to share between all the people involved. Sometimes you have no idea you even have inspired someone by what you do, say or write. 

May you wake up every day to be inspired by others and inspirational to others.

Love and Light

Rev. Rhonda Schienle 

Rev. Rhonda Schienle ~ Wedding Officiant Northwest Indiana 

Congratulations to all the couples on your engagement announcements. I am booking wedding ceremonies for 2017 and wedding vow renewals


Consciousness and Vibration

Greetings friends!

Welcome back to our Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Discussion group after our Summer break.

A heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Roy L. Hill for coming to Northwest Indiana and sharing his insights on “Consciousness as it relates to Near Death Experiences”  for our Spiritual Laws group.

His book “Psychology And The Near-Death Experience:Searching For God” was the foundation for the talk he gave in August.

There was a wonderful questions and answers segment during Dr. Hill’s events. I noticed the term “vibration” was mentioned on several occassions. 

This term is one I have used many of times in our group discussions. It is important to realize when you are doing spiritual work, raising consciousness and changing old patterns, the chances of your vibration going up is very high.

Of course this is not seen with the human eye. However, it is noticed and even felt by family or friends. They may say things like “boy you sure have changed” or “you are not the same person that I used to know”  or “you don’t seem like yourself anymore” 

To someone who is not working on their spiritual selves, may not have that type of growth in consciousness and remain the same as they always are. Then, when someone they know does a lot of work on Self, awareness, consciousness and cleaning out old habits,you will experience them operating on a new and different vibration. 

This may feel similar to someone that is in Junior High and High School. They might have the feeling they are on different wavelengths as some people say. This is not uncommon at all. 

Hopefully this blog is helpful if you are to have this experience or notice it in a family member or friend. Start up a dialogue and see what has changed with them.

Please join us Saturday September 17th, 2016 at the Portage IMAX Theatre at 12:00 PM for our next Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Group.
Love Offerings are Appreciated.


Rev. Rhonda Schienle

“Consciousness as it relates to Near Death Experiences”

 12:00 PM Saturday August 20th IMAX Theatre - Large Meeting Room 

Spiritual Practices Radio Guests: 
Tony Burroughs and Rev. Frances Bagdasarian

Author, Speaker and C0-Founder of “The Intenders of the Highest Good”

Tony Burroughs is one of the great storytellers of our time. A fresh, new inspirational voice, his work as a self-empowerment advocate & community-maker is defining the standard for the future.

He has effectively bridged the gap between the mainstream and the magical by co-founding “The Intenders of the Highest Good”, an intentional community dedicated to achieving the highest potential of the individual and of the community.

There are now more Intenders Circles in 135 countries around the world.

Tony’s books, intenders circles and information can be found on the website links below.

Rev. Frances Bagdasarian 

Rev. Frances Bagdasarian is an ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister,  having received a M.Div. (Masters of Divinity) M.P.S. (Masters in Pastoral Studies and R.N.   She is currently the Board Chair of a national, professional association called A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy.

AWAIC ministers and allied partners are part of an evolving voice dedicated to interfaith/interspiritual education and ministry development. They are also organizers of a national conference for the general public called “World AWAKE.”

AWAIC “A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy”


World Awake Conference 2016 - November 11th -13th

Conference Location:

Conference Coordinator: Rev. Nancy Wurlitzer

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