Happy New Year and Happy New You! 

I loved the title of my Blog. There are so many reasons why I am using all of these words today.

I am inspired to do so.

Just prior to the holiday season, I was going through Facebook and noticed someone had tagged me in one of the most loving posts I have seen in a long time. I had no idea this person felt the way they did, until they posted it. 

They said I did a talk a while back at a church service, at least over a year ago and shared that I inspired them. I did a talk on “Living With No Regrets” and writing out your all of your hearts desires or bucket list items was important to do. It does not mean you had to accomplish them all in the new coming year, but to have others inspire you along your journey was one of the many reasons I shared that in the service.

To have someone inform you that you are inspired is what I am really aiming for here in this Blog. If this beautiful lady never told me that I inspired her or was an inspiration in my talk, how would I know? 

As many know, my heartfelt mantra is “Healing The Spirit and Empowering The Soul.” I feel when I inspire someone and they let me know I have, I am fulfilling my spiritual purpose and work here. To empower another Soul is healing for me. This means all parties involved are on the receiving end of something so amazing and good. 

This morning, I simply posted a quote on my Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Facebook and it was the very thing someone was looking for. They wrote me privately in such excitement that it is a big missing part to what they needed - inspiring message. Ahhh.

My adorable husband inspires me to be the best I can be in all I do. His wisdom and knowledge in his software engineering field/technical inspire so many; especially when he does training. He is a great inspirational teacher. We need more of that in my opinion. I am inspired by his dedication and wanting to share his knowledge.

My friend Ron Papke, has so inspired me this year to write my book. If I had not told him this, how would he know? Furthermore, it is what he says he wants to do in this world. He wants your personal lives better than what they currently are. He says “always leave with making it better than how you found it.” Now that is inspiring. Ron, will share something he wants to work toward; and he does achieve it. He does not allow the diversions and distractions to get in his way. Now I am inspired big time by that.

My true hope here is that you share with those who inspire you and why. It is a wonderful feeling to share between all the people involved. Sometimes you have no idea you even have inspired someone by what you do, say or write. 

May you wake up every day to be inspired by others and inspirational to others.

Love and Light

Rev. Rhonda Schienle