Our dear friend and Author of “Twenty-Seconds: A True Account of Survival and Hope” Robert Tremblay, visited our lovely town of Valparaiso here in Indiana. 

He shared his amazing journey through two terminal diagnosis, hospice and a near-death experience.

There is an expression that “there are no words to describe” a moment, an event or one sharing their personal journey that leaves you with an impression that it can only be felt by the heart and an imprint left on your Soul.

On June 27th, 2017 that is about the best way to describe Robert’s visit with us. 

This amazing man traveling in his car, with his books, a tent and a journey to tell, came all the way from Arizona for his “Talk In The Park Series”. 

Some of our friends traveled over an hour to hear Robert. As I shared on this evening, this will be one night you will never be able to recapture or experience again. The moment was now and be present to it. 

There was something I personally took away (of many things) from the two days Robert stayed with us on this amazing journey. One big gigantic word “Connection”. People who stayed that evening and joined us around the campfire and opened their hearts to what is happening in their lives, was enligthening. I was and am deeply touched by this. Thank you Robert.

It has inspired me to have more campfires (Fire-pit), connections and allowing each of us to write those things which no longer serve us from our callings or passions and allow it to be placed in the fire-pit.

Stay tuned for our first fire-pit releasing gathering to claim our passions with purpose. 

Love, Light and Happy Healthy Travels Robert Tremblay.