Happy New You!!

by Rev. Rhonda Schienle, Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Facilitator, Wedding Officiant and Founder of Interfaith Ministry Services, LLC


“Fabulously YOU in 2017”

On New Year’s Eve, as so many do, folks begin to write out all their resolutions for the following year. Many people write out so many, they almost lose count and what the focus was. It maybe weight loss, stop smoking or save money and about 50 other items on that list.

Are there other fun, inspiring and energizing ways we can attain our wishes, goals and outcomes? Did you notice the word “resolution” is not mentioned in the previous sentence? This word “resolution” has a connotation for many of us meaning hard work and labor intensive.

There is nothing wrong with a little elbow grease or hard work; but how about a different approach? By the way, it does not have to be this or that; it can be this and that if you so choose.

I am now handing you a “Fabulously You Certificate of Achievement” for 2017.

What is a “Fabulously You Certificate of Achievement”?

This certificate is already rewarding you for your achievements and accomplishments you have made thus far.

Many of us forget about how wonderful we are and the various achievements we attained even through challenges and obstacles.

This certificate also invites you to write up your favorite wish lists. Some refer to these as a bucket list.

Steps to utilizing your Certificate of Achievement

·      Get a new journal specifically for 2017

·      Write out all your wishes (this is always good to have for your check off list in the future)

·      Focus on 1 or 2 of these wishes you really want for 2017

·      Notate how much this wish or goal excites and energizes you and what it will feel like having or attaining it

·      Do three things each day toward your wish(s)

·      Have a friend to support you in this endeavor and cheer you on

·      Use affirmations and visualizations to energize your wishes

·      Give yourself permission to have it with gratitude

A suggested affirmation to use daily toward wish list

I am grateful for what I have received, am receiving and continue to receive. I experience pure enjoyment and excitement for achieving and attaining my  (write your wish) and know it is working to the greater good of all and so it is.

Happy New You!!!!

Rev. Rhonda Schienle

Click on the link below to create your Certificate of Achievement.