Consciousness and Vibration

Greetings friends!

Welcome back to our Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Discussion group after our Summer break.

A heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Roy L. Hill for coming to Northwest Indiana and sharing his insights on “Consciousness as it relates to Near Death Experiences”  for our Spiritual Laws group.

His book “Psychology And The Near-Death Experience:Searching For God” was the foundation for the talk he gave in August.

There was a wonderful questions and answers segment during Dr. Hill’s events. I noticed the term “vibration” was mentioned on several occassions. 

This term is one I have used many of times in our group discussions. It is important to realize when you are doing spiritual work, raising consciousness and changing old patterns, the chances of your vibration going up is very high.

Of course this is not seen with the human eye. However, it is noticed and even felt by family or friends. They may say things like “boy you sure have changed” or “you are not the same person that I used to know”  or “you don’t seem like yourself anymore” 

To someone who is not working on their spiritual selves, may not have that type of growth in consciousness and remain the same as they always are. Then, when someone they know does a lot of work on Self, awareness, consciousness and cleaning out old habits,you will experience them operating on a new and different vibration. 

This may feel similar to someone that is in Junior High and High School. They might have the feeling they are on different wavelengths as some people say. This is not uncommon at all. 

Hopefully this blog is helpful if you are to have this experience or notice it in a family member or friend. Start up a dialogue and see what has changed with them.

Please join us Saturday September 17th, 2016 at the Portage IMAX Theatre at 12:00 PM for our next Spiritual Laws, Theories and Practices Group.
Love Offerings are Appreciated.


Rev. Rhonda Schienle