Topic: Real life stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges. Words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement.

Join us on Sunday June 12th at 5:00 PM CDT as we interview the following Authors: 

Carol’n Rose, a pioneer and leader in the Personal Empowerment field, has made it her life’s work to provide encouragement and support to those individuals who need to learn to know love and believe in themselves.

This path of encouraging self-belief and self-empowerment in others came from a past need to develop these same positive changes in her own life.  Growing up Carol’n was not taught self-love, self-confidence or how to support her dreams in life. As she began her search for her identity, she realized that she was not alone in this search.  There were, and are, many others that also need to know how to love and believe in themselves. She found that her passion for self-empowerment had now become her mission in life.  After learning the skills to empower herself, she began to teach these skills to others. She began a professional speaking career, taught classes in the Power of Positive Thinking and Empowerment Living, and created P.E.P Talk, an empowerment talk radio program she hosted in the Detroit MI area for five years. Her greatest achievement she believes, however, to be her new book, A Single Ray Of Light, a book of encouragement and self-empowerment.


Spiritual Practices Radio on Sunday June 12th, will be interviewing Author of “Create Yourself” Ron Papke in our 6:00 PM CDT segment

Ron Papke, Author of “Create Yourself” “Ron papke was born into extreme poverty and generational dysfunction. Ron has sold drugs, been shot at, been arrested over 20 times. Ron is now a loving husband and a proud father of three beautiful children. Ron Papke currently owns a six-figure business that dominates the industry in Northern Indiana. Today Ron speaks to children, teens and adults to provide hope to the hopeless, to inspire the inspired, to motivate the unmotivated, and to shift the mindset of the average person. If Ron Papke can do it so can you. This book was designed to take you on a journey to remind you that anything is possible.”